What can you expect to get out of the inspection? At the end of every inspection you should anticipate a written home inspection report. We use a simple, yet detailed, program to make sure we cover everything from the exterior, to the attic and crawlspace while inspecting your home. Our program is readily available, so we can enter all the information in on the spot so there is no chance of anything being missed. Cost varies due to a variety of factors, here are just a few; the size of the home, basement vs. crawlspace, attic, age of the home, 

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a non-invasive examination of a home in which inspectors check things such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, foundation, roof stability, and a long list of many other items to make possible home buyers aware of any thing that may not be up to code or in need of repair.

What can I expect to get from the home inspection?

At the end of an inspection by our company you can anticipate to receive a typed up inspection report by means of email. We use a simple yet detailed program to make sure we cover roofing, exterior, structure, electrical, heating, cooling and heat pump, insulation and ventilation, plumbing, and interior.

When can I expect to receive my inspection report?

​We like to go over the inspection report with you right then, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and make sure you understand everything throughout what may be your new home. After we make sure to give the report a second look over to make sure it clear and complete , you will receive the report via email Same Day.

How can I help with the inspection?

​Before the inspection it's helpful to know things such as the year the home was built, and make sure all the utilities are turned on. It's important to remember that for us to give you a complete quality inspection of your home you allow us the necessary space and time to do our work and save the questions until the end to avoid missed key items, during this time you can plan how you'd like your furniture, paint colors, or do a walk through of your own to come up with any questions or concerns you have for our inspector.

​How long does a home inspection take?

​Inspections may typically take between 2 and 3 hours depending on the size of the home. 

​What does a home inspection cost?

​Cost varies due to a variety of factors, here are just a few; the size of the home, basement vs. crawlspace, attic, age of the home, and if you want additional tests done on the home. Some of the additional tests we can provide for homes are Radon Gas, Water Quality, Moisture Content of Wood and Drywall, or thermal imaging to check for energy efficiency throughout the home. For questions regarding the testing we offer please look below for a summary on what we test for and a link for more information.

What does a Water Quality Test Check for? Is it necessary?

      A Water Quality Test checks for a variety of things the first and foremost in many people's mind is Lead, especially those living in Michigan who have seen the Flint water crisis first hand. When we do a Water Quality Test we check for the lead most importantly followed by the levels of iron, copper, pH, total hardness, total alkalinity, nitrite, nitrate and free chlorine. It's important to know what you, your family, pets and especially your kids may be drinking in when the grab a glass of water, or you put out a water bowl for your pet, or make a bottle of formula for your baby. We want you to be confident and comfortable when you do any of those things rather than questioning it, and you shouldn't have to buy bottles and bottles of water when you have readily available water fresh from the tap. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Radon Gas and why should I care?

      Radon Gas is odorless, invisible, and everyone breathes it in everyday at low levels. So what's the big deal? While we all breathe it in daily according to the National Cancer Institute it is the #1 cause of lung cancer outside of smoking. Radon gas is produced from a natural breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water. This radioactive gas can be detected in homes, offices and schools; it enters buildings through cracks in floors and walls, construction joints or gaps around service pipes, electrical wires and sump pits.

Reference and link to follow for more information regarding Radon Gas:


      Now you may be wondering what makes us qualified to be your home inspector? We are licensed builders who

regularly work in the construction industry fixing mistakes that many inspectors miss. Licensed builders are required

to take a 60 hour training course and pass a mandatory two part State exam, that is always being changed and

updated. Licensed builders are also required to take continuing competency courses before renewing their license

every three years to ensure we stay up to date on new technology, codes and minimum standards of building. Our

team has over 120 combined hours of training in construction, lead certification, and years of hands-on experience in construction doing everything from complete rehabs of homes, to minor repairs and maintenance throughout the home. We have taken the time to make sure we are legally licensed and certified with the state of Michigan as well as have proper business insurance.​​​

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Oakland County Restorations are Licensed Builders through the State of Michigan. License Number 2102214694

      Looking to buy a home? Maybe you just want an idea of whats going on in the home you recently purchased or the home you've had for years, we can help! We want to start by informing you that in Michigan there are ZERO requirements to be a home inspector! You don't have to register with the state of Michigan or have insurance!! What does this mean for you? It means with no regulations your family doctor, car mechanic or even your own child can be a home inspector! They can do this without any prior knowledge about the structure or inner workings of what make a house a home such as the plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems and checking for things such as lead and asbestos! While every job is important not everyone is qualified to do them all.

Moisture Content of Wood and Drywall? Is it important and what can it tell me?

​      When inspecting a home for possible defects issues like those pictured above are easy to spot but often times the more serious ones are creeping up and aren't as obvious. Oakland County Restorations Home Inspectors use a moisture content Meter to detect increased amount of moisture in wood or drywall which can be an indicator of a large variety of things such as roof leak, leaky pipe within the home. If left unchecked, minor moisture pockets and damp areas within wall and home structures can quickly abet harmful mold growth, which greatly affects the value of a property and the safety of persons in that property. Long term mold growth and moisture buildup can harm and ruin even the structural integrity of buildings, making them unstable and incredibly hazardous for occupants. By checking moisture content throughout the home we can let you know in advance about problems before they become as severe as those pictured above saving you time, stress, and money.

​Reference: http://www.delmhorst.com/blog/bid/337212/Using-Moisture-Meters-to-Determine-Mold-Risk

Home Inspections

Oakland County Restorations LLC in Hazel Park 

      The last thing we want to see is a customer who just bought a home and after only a few weeks discovers the roof or basement is leaky, the foundation isn't as solid as they thought or it could be something minor like only some of the outlets work. Jobs like these can range in cost from less than a hundred to a few thousand depending on severity. Oakland County Restorations understands that buying a home is costly and while home owners anticipate a few issues, without a qualified inspector many get more than they bargained for.

      When looking for a home inspector you want someone who is thorough, because finding out a few months after buying your home that there are major costly repairs needed. A home inspector is not there to make the decision wether or not you should buy a home we are just there to make you aware of the state of the home you are considering buying, to assist you in being more informed before making your decision. While home inspections seem negative most often its because its viewed as the inspector telling you only the things wrong with the home, but an inspection also tells you what is right with the home like the outlets are good, sturdy foundation. Without home inspectors people would be buying and selling homes with major issues leaving new home buyers stuck with houses falling to pieces.

Home Renovations & Maintenance

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